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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trick or Treat Thursday

Today for Trick or Treat Thursday I found a site with a few last minute costume ideas. I posted some of the ones I liked below but there are others so go check out Quick and Simple Website.


The base for this costume is a black shirt, pants and three pairs of black socks stuffed with cotton batting. Safety-pin the sock legs to the shirt's side seams. Then attach the legs to one another and to the shirt's elbows using a needle and clear fishing wire. Tie secure knots to keep the legs in place.

Clark Kent

The simple addition of a Superman tee and a pair of drugstore glasses with the lenses popped out turns an everyday shirt, pants and tie into a dynamic costume. A length of florist's wire and a couple of safety pins will keep a tie at attention. (If you don't have a super man tee you can just get a blue shirt and print out a template for the Super Man S. Even a grown man can do this costume.)

Greek God (or Goddess)

Start this getup with white pants, a tee and sandals. Then cut a sheet into a rectangle and snip a slit in the center for a head hole. Two yards of gold cord can form a belt, and additional trim can make bracelets and a headband. Cut lightning bolts out of cardboard and paint them gold. (You could make something different for a girl to hold.)

So what are you and your kids going to be for Halloween?

My kids are all going to be super heroes. For us grown ups I am not sure yet. lol

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