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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neptunes Kids Swimwear Review on Suncreens (Giveaway on their Facebook Page)

I had the chance to review two sunscreens from Neptunes Kids Swimwear. Neptunes Kids Swimwear is a company in Miami Florida. They not only have sunscreens but also kids swimwear & clothing and accessories for kids, and ladies swimwear & clothing.

We all need sunscreen and not just during the summer months. Sunscreen should be worn all year around. I know that is something hard for us to remember but when you find a sunscreen that smells nice or makes your kids say “wow that is cool!” Then I think you have a winner.

Let me first talk about the “wow that is cool” sunscreen. The Blue Lizard Face Sunscreen is not only cool because there is a blue lizard on the front (what boy doesn’t like lizards) but the bottle turns blue when it is hit with UV light! My 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl loved to watch the bottle turn from white to blue. It really gives kids an insight on how much sun is outside. We kept the bottle in our van for a week to watch how much it would change color. On cloudy days there was a hint of blue. Other days that were full sun the bottle turned bright blue. My kids were amazed that they could tell how much UV light was out by seeing the bottle turned different shades of blue. Right there that is a huge reminder that even on cloudy days the UV light can get to us. My kids liked that the sunscreen smelled nice and was not greasy on their skin.

A little bit of sun

Full sun

Next I decided to use the Minus Sol Facial Sun Protection. I decided to use this because my kids were already using the Blue Lizard Sunscreen. We really try to remember to use sunscreen on days we take the kids to soccer. Being out on an open field with the sun beating down on you any time of the year can cause sunburn. Yes I admit it I forgot during the spring season and was really burned. Oops! Now that being said I am really picky about my sunscreen. I like it to smell good, well at least not as smelly as most sunscreens that over power you and I don’t want it to feel like I slathered my face with grease. I am happy to say that this sunscreen is just the way I like it. The smell was not over powering and very light. When I applied it to my face my it felt silky and smooth. It didn’t feel like I had caked on lotion.

Minus Sol Sun Screen

My daughter playing soccer

So if you are looking for new sunscreens or any other products that Neptunes Kids Swimwear has be sure to check out their website. Of course if you are in Miami Florida you can check out the store in person.

*Neptunes Kids is having a Giveaway on their Facebook page so check it out!

Blue Lizard Give Away by Neptunes Kids

The first three persons that refer a friend to like us on facebook (have your friend mentioned your name) gets a chance to win a 5oz blue lizard sun block of your choice.

Hurry, so you get a chance to win this great sun block.

Click here for the giveaway.

Remember, check us out on the web at www.neptuneskidsswimwear.com

*Note I was not paid for my review of these products. This is my honest opinion of the products.


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