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Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Post: Salvage Savvy

Today's Guest Post is from Connie from Salvage Savvy. Thanks so much Connie I love the DIY projects you posted about!

I'm so glad to be here at Mom's point of view today! My name is Connie and I have a blog called Salvage Savvy. I am a mom of three beautiful and amazing kids: a 9 year old, 7 year old and our newest addition who is already 10 months [babies just have a way of making you realize how fast time flies by, don't they?!].

I am a momma who loves to decorate... but everything I do [whether decorating, buying school "stuff," shopping for clothes or going to the grocery] has to be on a budget because we [like most families] just don't have a lot of extra cash to spend. At Salvage Savvy I get to share all kinds of thrifty DIY projects and design tips to help my readers create unique decor for their home without breaking the bank!

Here are a few of my favorite projects [so far]:

I love this artwork because it looks so expensive, but it's super easy and only cost about $15 to make. In fact, my 7 year old helped me do this one, so you can even get the kiddos involved!

I also turned an old, plain pillow into this for $0 dollars [see... I told ya' I'm thrifty!]. Check it out to see how you can use items from around your house to do the same!

And for this project I took an old lamp [it looked "fine," but I needed fabulous!] and for only $8 I was able to transform into a really eye-catching piece.

$8 Lamp Makeover

Do you have cheap glass vases sitting around your home [of course you do... we all do, right?!]? I used spray paint to turn a few of mine into two-toned mirrored vases... and all of the paint is on the outside, so you can still put water in them!

And lastly, I also offer decorating advice at Salvage Savvy. Have you ever loved, loved [loved] a paint-chip-sample-thingy [yes, I use all kinds of "technical" terms!] at the store, only to paint that same color onto your walls and discover it's the completely wrong color? [Yea... me too.] Well, I have learned the best way to select the perfect color every time, and share it with you in this post!

Well, those are a few of my favorite things, I hope you've been inspired to create more for less!! I'd love it if you would come and visit me at Salvage Savvy, and thanks so much to Terri for letting me join you today :)

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  1. Connie,
    OH I just love your idea's. I'm kinda creative but I'd be happy to pop over to your blog and get some inspiration from you. Sorry I didn't get here sooner I was out of town, I try to never miss one of Terri's guest post's. Enjoyed it!


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