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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is one of my favorite candles to have in my home. Just one candle makes the whole house smell so good or should I say yummy! In our home we are a big fan of the candles that smell like baked goods. I also love the ones that smell like fresh laundry.

So I just recently bought one that was on sale for my husband for an anniversary present. Yes my husband loves candles as much as I do so they work well for presents. I bought the Christmas Cookie one because 1 it was on sale and 2 he loves the smell of things baking.

So while roaming around on the net today I noticed that they have a $10 off coupon on any Yankee Candle product $25 or more. The coupon lasts until February 20th so hurry up and print a coupon.

Click here to print your coupon.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Please forgive me Smucker's I will never cheat on you again!

Sometimes you can get away with buying the store brand or off brand items and they still taste close to the same or sometimes better. I on the other hand found out the hard way by cheating on my favorite brand of jelly, jams, and preserves. I decided to save a little money I would go with the store brand jelly.

Yesterday my husband asked me while preparing his lunch if I was using old jelly that had expired. I told him no that it was a store brand kind. He just looked at me with a shocked expression and told me that it tasted horrible and he thought that it was expired. He said he was just mentioning it because he was hoping that was the last of it. I said that it couldn't be that bad. He asked have you tried it? No I had not...

Well last night I couldn't make sandwhiches because the bread was frozen so I had to wait till this morning until the bread was thawed. As I was making my husband's sandwich I thought to myself "there is no way this jelly could be as bad as he says it is." So I decided to lick the knife when I was done making his sandwich...

Oh my gosh! This was the worst tasting jelly in the world! Gross!!! I know it sounds like I am just making stuff up but let me tell you it tasted so bad that I had to check the expiration date. It doesn't expire until September of 2010! Next time I will believe my husband when he says that something is gross. Yuck!

So from now on Smucker's is my choice on jellies, jams and preserves. I will not cheat on you ever again Smucker's!

Do you want a free Smucker's Recipe Booklet? Send a postcard to

The J.M. Smucker Company
Attention: Classic Cookie Recipe Collection
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 280
Orrville, Ohio 44667


To get a free Peanut Butter Recipe Booklet

The J.M. Smucker Company
Attention: Peanut Butter Recipe Collection
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 280
Orrville, Ohio 44667

Monday, January 18, 2010

Spin and Win campaign

Here is your chance to win a new Frigidaire Affinity Washer and Dryer!

Frigidaire and Jennifer Garner are teaming up once again to support Save the Children's U.S. Programs, dedicated to helping children living in poverty in the United States.

Their new Spin & Win game gives you the opportunity to win gift cards for spending quality time with your tykes - whether it's curling up with some new books, starting a craft project or taking in a family flick. They're giving away a prize every day. Plus, you could also win a brand new Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer, with time-saving features that give you more time for the important things in life.

Best of all, every time you play, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children, as part of their $250,000 commitment to support Save the Children's CHANGE program, dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and promoting healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty in the United States.

I have taken my spin now it is your turn to click here and play the game. Take the short time to make a difference in a child's life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jersey Sheets

So I decided we needed some new sheets for our bed. My mother in law got my husband some nice sheets. She thought she was getting purple ones (his favorite color). Let me tell you those sheets were not even close to being purple they were pink! I hate the color pink! I decided to put them on our bed and give it a try. The sheets were very nice and silky feeling, unfortunately neither one of us could get over how bright pink the sheets were. They will be used however by my daughter who loves pink.

So I went to Target the other day to try and find some new sheets. I am very picky about my sheets. They need to feel good and be a color other than pink. I was looking through the different counts and feeling each one. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best. I looked at the flannel ones that were on sale. We already had some flannel ones. I knew I wanted something different. So I came across some that were called Jersey. I felt them and fell in love. 100% cotton! I love cotton!

So we of course put the sheets on our bed and got rid of those hideous pink sheets. Now our sheets are gray and a lot more neutral for us. As soon as we laid down on them we were in heaven!

So have any of you ever tried Jersey sheets? If not I think you should give them a try! They were only $19.99 at Target for the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Denise Austin

Looking for a work out video this new year? Try Denise Austin's Hit The Spot Core Complete. Denise is such a perky and fun person to "work out" with. It is fun listening to her little comments such as "zip up those abs, no more jigglies, and no more saddle bags." I don't know if those are just funny words to me or she just says them so darn cute!

All you need for this work out is an exercise ball, light weights, and of course the video. The videos can be found at her online store for about $8.99. (I got mine at my local Walmart ) Also the ball and weights can be found at Walmart. This video works out your core, legs, butt, thighs, arm and more. It includes: Warm-Up, Core & Upper Body, Core & Legs, Core & Buns, and Core Complete Challenge. It is about 68 minutes total.

I suggest to start off with just a few workouts then work your way up to doing all 5 workouts. I just started out again so I only did three workouts. You should always start out with the warm up but you can switch around the other workouts till you feel you can work your way up to doing all of them.

So your turn what are your favorite work out videos?

Book Sneeze

I am so excited for the opportunity to be a part of Book Sneeze. I love reading and I love telling others what I think about the books I have read. So make sure you check back for some awesome reviews on books!

Simply Orange Juice

This by far is our families favorite juice. Simply Orange and Apple are 100% juice with no sugars added. That is a huge factor with our family because we have diabetics in our family. So we are looking for things that don't contain extra sugar.

When you take the first taste of either of these juices it is like biting into an orange or apple. The flavor just overwhelms your mouth. Our kids even know the difference between this juice and others. They prefer the Simply Orange brand.

If you haven't tried these juices then you should. It will make your taste buds very happy!

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