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Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Friday

Today is Friday! I am so happy! We had a crazy weekend last week. My best friend who lived in Virginia moved a few years ago to Ohio. The move was for medical reasons for her youngest son. Then a few weeks ago I found out she was going to move to California because her hubby got promoted. I was so sad :( Thankfully they were going to a Virgina Tech game so we decided to go see her before she moved again.

Our trip we thought was going to be smooth sailing. We just got new front tires on the van, new front brakes, the van inspected and new tags. So we thought we were good to go. While almost to VT the van started acting weird. The van wouldn't accelerate and it was shaky. Fun times. So long story short we only got to spend 2 hours with my best friend.

We decided to head back home but on the way my hubby was afraid that the van would mess up again and we'd be stuck somewhere at night. So he called someone he worked with and told them he would not be in on Monday. We stayed the night. Of course the van started acting fine. We thought all was good. We decided to make a detour and went to Crabtree Falls.

Of course on our way back home the van messed up again. Fun times I tell ya! My hubby pulled over and as he was checking under the hood of the van we noticed someone slowing down. Your initial thought would be they were going to ask if everything was ok right? Well that was our thought. No! They slowed down to ask if they were close to the falls! EPIC FAIL! I couldn't believe it. My husband and I were dumbfounded. All we did after that was laugh. Good grief what is the world coming to?

Sorry for the long post. We made it home ok but still not sure what is wrong with the van. A friend of ours thinks it could be a fuel sensor. So hopefully we will figure it out soon.

Ok the best part of our trip...the pictures!

Foamhenge (This was on our way to VT. Yes made of styrofoam)

My best friend and I with our babies.

Crab Tree Falls

Family shot :)

Overlook on the way home


  1. Love the pics! What a crazy thing with the van! I hope there's nothing serious. And how crazy with that person! They didn't even ask if you guys were ok? Crazy world!

  2. I know Ioana it was crazy! No they didn't ask at all. I was going to post this on my family blog too along with a few other things so check that out soon :)

  3. Terry,
    I'm so glad you a nice trip.

    I am such a freak whenever i hear stories about pulling over with a disable vehicle (makes me worry) for reasons you know.... glad you made it home ok!

  4. Sorry Jen I know :(

    It's ok though we were not on a busy road at all. Plus we were pulled far over.

  5. People nowadays... would have been nice if they at least asked to help you guys first.

    Glad you go to at least spend some time with your friend and see some beautiful sites.

    The Not So Functional Housewife

  6. Glad you got home safely. The van troubles were great blog fodder. :) Foam Henge is hilarious.

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.


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