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Friday, October 21, 2011

SmileBooks Review

Are you looking for a nice holiday gift for your family or friends? If so you should check out SmileBooks. SmileBooks is a company that offers many different products such as photo books, cards and calendars. I got the chance to review one of their photo books.

The photo book I got was an 8x11 Hardcover. I also used the Design Service. The Design Service is a great way to save some time on making photo books. If you have ever made one yourself and you are perfectionist like me then you probably spend a good couple of days making sure you have the book just right. The Design Service cost $10 for 26 pages. With the Design Service you get a real designer to create your book and you get to review and approve the design before it is printed. I did love that I could hand over the design of the book to someone else but it was so hard. I am used to doing everything myself.

After you pick the design service you go on to pick the style of your book and the mood. I picked Pastels Scrapbooky. I wanted a book with a scrapbook feel to it and also I liked the pastel colors. Next you are sent to a page to select the size book you want. Also if you want soft cover, hard cover, linen wrapped or faux leather wrapped. I got the 8x11 Hardcover which costs $39.95. From there you are taken to a page that allows you to select the number of photos per page and the number of pages. I selected 3 photos per page and 26 pages. The more pages you select the more the price will go up. And finally one more page. You will be on a page that allows you to upload between 66 to 88 photos. If you decide to, you can upload exactly that amount of photos and you choose which ones will go in the photo book. Or you can upload more than the 66-88 photos and let a designer choose what pictures would be best suited for your photo book for an additional $4.95. I personally can’t give up all of my control. I have to do something. So I chose to upload the exact number of photos I wanted to use. Yes this still took some time but I didn’t spend days on the book like I normally would.

After you finish all the steps and upload your photos you then wait for your designer to work on your photo book. You will be sent a link with a preview of your book. Once you get the preview of your book you can then choose to print it as is or make changes by typing in a box to the designer on each page. I went through about 4 different previews to let the designer know that some photos did not belong together and that I wanted other things changed. You can also add captions in your book as well.

So what do I think of my book? I love it! Here are some photos of my finished book…





Remember the holidays are just around the corner. This really is a great gift for someone you love. I will be giving the book to my husband. Most likely for his birthday because that is coming up in November. (I hope he doesn’t read this blog anytime soon.)

So to help you out on your holiday shopping you can go over to SmileBooks and get 30% off of your order by entering the code: MOMPOVSMILE30

You can also find SmileBooks over on Facebook.

Enjoy your shopping and let me know what you end up getting!

*Note I this was a complimentary book. I was not paid for my review and this is my honest opinion of the product.

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  1. How cute! I will have to look at that site. I've been wanting to make a fun photo album of our Disney pics from last Christmas. :)


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