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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sweet and Simple Bath Salts

I was given the chance to review Sweet and Simple Bath Salts which can be found on The Desiderio Gallery . The Desiderio Gallery is a woman-owned small business in western Montana offering select art, handmade gifts, design expertise, and marketing services. The Desiderio is now in it's second year of business. To find out more about them go here.

Sweet and Simple's bath salts are made in small batches by a college student from Philipsburg, Mont. She uses organic and natural ingredients, essential oils and tub-safe dyes. They contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives. She hand-labels everything and uses two basic sizes of corked glass bottle and pint canning jars, so the packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Now for my review. I received the bath salts in the mail in the cute little tin pictured above. Also it was hand-labeled. The scent that I received was the Rosemary Grapefruit. The scent was really pleasant, not too over powering and not too light. I used the whole tin full because I like a stronger scent with relaxing in the bath. You can get about 2 uses out of the 1 tin that is 1.5 ounces in size. Which costs $3. There are other scent available in the tins such as Pine Cedar Juniper, Jasmine Lavender, Rosemary Grapefruit,Vanilla Lavender, Eucalyptus Mint, Grapefruit Lavender. You can purchase those here. These bath salts are also available in cute little glass jars that are about 3.5 to 4 ounces. Those cost $8 and come in the scents Lavender, Pine Cedar Juniper, Jasmine, Vanilla Pomegranate, Cucumber Melon, Rosemary Lavender and Grapefruit. Those can be purchased here.

While soaking in the tub I thought of another use for these bath salts. Yes I get ideas while in the tub or shower... I like to soak my feet! So these bath salts would be perfect for soaking my feet. You could get more uses out of the smaller tin when using it as a foot soak. Also I thought of a way to reuse my tin. I think I will use the tin to put any small pieces of jewelry in when I travel. It is a small container and a perfect size to keep rings or earrings in.

So go and check out these bath salts and give them a try. Be sure to check out The Desiderio Facebook Page as well.

* I was not paid for my review but I did receive a free sample of the bath salts for review purposes.


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