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Monday, August 29, 2011

A quick note

Once again I will not be posting much. We had a hurricane and we have no power. My kids have been sick since the weekend. Well the oldest two. I hope our power will be back on soon. It has been off since Saturday at 3pm. We do have a generator but that is mostly so we can keep our freezer cold enough not to loose all our food. I will follow those of you who have followed me when our power is back on.

Hopefully I will be back to posting soon and our luck will change for the better :)

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  1. Hi Terri,
    Sorry to hear it; especially with the sick little ones, that makes it hard; hope they feel better soon.

    We're in the same boat here too! We did however after that Christmas about twelve years ago hook a generator up to the house with a permanent connection. Just not able to use the AC, clothes dryer or the microwave.

    Now we worry about finding gas to run the darn thing. My son has power up in the West End but my daughter and her family just north of Chesterfield Airport isn't quite as lucky!

    I hope your wait won't be long.


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