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Thursday, August 4, 2011

JewelMint for a Mom (review)

So what is JewelMint? JewelMint is an exclusive jewelry club created by Kate Bosworth (actress and fashionista) and Cher Coulter (celebrity stylist and designer). For just $29.99 a month you can receive a piece of jewelry, get style tips, weekly trend reports and behind the scene peeks. Each month you can receive personalize selections to choose from and if you don't find a piece that you like you can skip the month with no charge. Shipping is free.

If you are interested in JewelMint the first thing you should do is take the Style Quiz. The quiz will take you through a few questions that will allow you to find pieces that are a fit for you. After the quiz you will be given a Showroom with different pieces that go along with the answers you gave while taking the style quiz. You will also receive suggestions each month that go along with the quiz you take in the beginning.

Now you have some info on JewelMint let me get to my review. I am far from being a fashionista. I am your average mom who likes to wear jewelry every now and then. I am a mom of 4 and I homeschool. So I am sure you have guessed, I am not one that has a lot of time on my hands.

With little ones ages 8, 5, 2, and 8 months it is hard to find not only the time to shop but to find jewelry that would be ideal to wear with little ones. As a mother I am always pulling hands away from the "pretties" (that is what we call jewelry). I am always on the look out for things that will be indestructible or at the least something that will also help to distract a little who is on the verge of a breakdown.

So I browsed JewelMint and found a few pieces that I felt comfortable to wear as a mom. I received my pieces over the weekend and wore a few of the pieces together while at church. Yep church. Is there a better time you could think of on the weekend to not only look your best but also entertain a child who you need to keep quiet?

The pieces I wore Sunday were Opera Pearl Necklace and Windsor Set. The Opera Pearl Necklace I wore doubled up so it wasn't so long. If I wore it long while holding my 8 month old it would have just ended up getting him tangled in it. Also it kept his attention away from my earrings that were in the Windsor set. One of my fears is having my ear ripped in half by a kid yanking out my earring. *shudder* It is a beautiful pearl necklace.

The Windsor set came with earrings and a bracelet. The earrings were fun because they were like lockets. It opened up to so you could put a picture inside. Of course my husband brought up a good point about the earrings. He said "would you go up to someone and say here open up my earring and try not to pull it out of my ear while looking at the pictures." Hmm makes you think. I love the idea of putting pictures in the earrings but his point made sense when I have a fear of earrings being ripped out of my ear. I think if you have pictures in them it is mainly for you not other people to care about. The earrings have a beautiful design on them. The bracelet that comes with the set is just as beautiful. There is a clear crystal in the middle of the bracelet.

The other piece that I received from JewelMint was the Garden Patch Trio. I think that this set of 3 bracelets is perfect for a mom. I can say that it made me feel that I finally found my indestructible jewelry. These are solid bracelets wrapped in different cloth. My kids could play with them without the fear of any of them breaking easy. Not only did these bracelets get my attention but they got the attention of my 8 year old little girl. So as you know I stated I am not a fashionista but she is! Yes she is 8 but she has already decided she is going to be a fashion model. Ok not just a fashion model but a "princess" fashion model. I agree she is a beautiful princess and she has a better sense of style than her mother.

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So here are some pictures...

It came shipped in this lovely mint colored box

Windsor Set

Opera Pearl Necklace

Garden Patch Trio

Me wearing the Windsor Set and Opera Pearl Necklace

Close up of earring

Close up of bracelet

Close up of necklace

My fashionista showing of the Garden Patch Trio

*I received these pieces of jewelry free for review purposes only. These are all my own opinions and I was not compensated for my opinion. I even picked out the pieces that I thought would fit me personally being a mom.


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