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Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogging World Thoughts

Just a few thoughts as I try to expand my followers and people that I follow...

The blogging world is a happening place! I am a new blogger and pretty shy person. I kind of get overwhelmed in crowds when trying to find my place. Sometimes it is hard for me to find a place even in the cyber world. I am hoping that it will be the same as always I will just get along with everyone. I believe I am a pretty likable person :)

I am excited to expand my knowledge of blogging so if you have any tips for a newbie please feel free to share. If you decide to follow me let me know and I will be more than happy to follow you as well.

For this Monday go over to The Measuring Flower and follow the Blog Hop


  1. I am right there with you! I am only blogging for one month. It is all so interersting! I am happy to follow you and hope you will follow me back

  2. Not a problem I will follow you. I am glad to meet another newbie :)

  3. Hi Terri! I'm Pamela at Bleu Cloud, stopping by to say hey!! I'm a baby blog, too, and today I have a link party just to start finding more friends! Feel free to join us! =D



  4. I've been blogging for several months and I still have no idea what I am doing! LOL! I do visit other bloggers and get to know their sites when I have time. I also try to interact with people who leave comments. Following you from MBC. Would love it if you dropped by to visit and followed me back: blog.writerslairbooks.com!

  5. welcome to the blog world, i'm pretty new too (beginning of this year) and find so much encouragement from the ladies i've met. Hope you'll have a great experience as well.


  6. Glad I am not the only newbie around. Wow you girls have some pretty good numbers for followers. I am impressed. I followed all that followed me :) Thanks!

  7. I've only had my blog since march, so I'm a pretty new blogger myself. New follower from bloggy moms, I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


  8. Hi I have been blogging for a while but my blog is more free stuff, samples etc. I am not much of a writer I mostly list free goodies. You seem to be doing a great job. Thanks so much for following me :) I am following you as well.

  9. Hi! I'm sort of a newbie too and I'm also shy. So far I've made a lot of nice bloggy friends and I'm sure you will too! Blog hops are a great way to discover new blogs and new friends. Good luck in your blogging adventure! By the way, I love your background.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. Looking forward to reading more from you. Have a wonderful week!

    Mary - It's a Sunkissed Life

  10. Thanks everyone who is following me.

    @Easy-2-save thanks for the compliment :)

    @Mary I am glad you like my background. I was looking for something cute and simple :)

  11. Welcome to the blogging world! I'm new to blogging myself and it really is a great community to be a part of...I'm sure you'll love it and do just fine! :)

    New follower!

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back!


  13. I know what you mean. I've been blogging for over two years and then I had to start all over. I am following now and I hope you stop by for a visit: carts3bears.bloodspot.com.

  14. Hi Terri!
    Thanks for stopping by :) You have a beautiful blog here. Excited that you're joining me in praying for our children.

    Looking forward to seeing more..

  15. Thanks Jackie. I will probably do it over on my family blog because I try to keep that one and this one separate. :)

  16. I'm pretty new to blogging too! I just started after the birth of my daughter in April! Following you now!



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