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Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Friday

It's Friday! Time for Family Friday! So we have had a busy week this week. Going places and keeping busy. We have some very exciting news this week. Yesterday my sister in law had her very first baby! So my husband is a first time uncle. Although he still counts my nieces and nephew as his. I have been an aunt since I was 2!

I was hoping this Friday I would have soccer pictures to post. Nope because of so much rain I don't have any. So I am hoping next week. Instead I have picked a few pictures from my phone to post. They are not the best but still cute.

My 2 year old in a hat :)

My 9 month old eating a tomato. He liked it. He only took a few bites.

Chewing his strap at soccer pratice

What I found in my pocket. My daughter made.

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