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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My 100th blog posts = 100 things about me

1. My name is Terri. But I am also know as Terri Lynn, Tia, mommy, and mama.

2. My brother named me after a girl he liked in school.

3. I have known my husband since we were 14 although we never dated till we were 19.

4. I have been married to my husband Since January 19th 2002. So almost 10 years.

5. My husband and I are only 2 days apart. He was born November 14th and I was born November 16th. We were born in the same hospital. So there is a chance we could’ve been laying side by side in the nursery.

6. We have 4 kiddos. A little girl who is 8 and 3 little boys ages 5, 2, and 9 months.

7. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

8. We live in Virginia.

9. I am a stay at home mom.

10. I just started homeschooling last year. My daughter went to Kindergarten and first grade in public school.

11. I am the youngest of 3. My brother was 18 when I was born and my sister was 16.

12. My husband and I have a photography business called ClickHappy Photo. We also have ClickHappy Studio for selling prints.

13. My favorite number is 13.

14. I hate when my husband edits out my freckles in pictures. I like my freckles.

15. I was in the Art Honor Society in high school

16. I love art, photography and poetry.

17. That being said favorite classes in school were Photography, Art and Creative writing.

18. The subjects I hated in school were history and math.

19. I failed math on purpose my senior year because my dad told me I couldn’t drop it and take a study hall. I wasn’t working on keeping up my GPA. (I still was able to graduate.)

20. I graduated high school in 98.

21. I got stood up for my Junior Prom.

22. I have been told I don’t punch like a girl. lol

23. I think most guys were scared of me for that reason in school.

24. I was told by at least 2 other guys before I married my husband that I was “The One.”

25. I was called a nerd in school because I wore glasses. Funny thing is I didn’t make great grades.

26. I would love to own an old school Mustang.

27. My favorite color is blue.

28. My favorite animal is a bear.

29. I have had a stuffed bear since I was 4 years old that my kids take turns sleeping with.

30. I don’t like yellow gold jewelry

31. I have stopped my husband from buying me a $800 ring for me just because.

32. I love chocolate

33. I am a tomboy. I get along better with guys then I do girls.

34. I go shooting with my husband. Yes guns. We target shoot at his parent’s house in the country.

35. I worked at Walmart for 2 years. First as a bagger. Yes they had baggers. Then I got to work as a stocker and I stocked the candy department.

36. My department manager tried to get me to take over the candy department because he was moving up to be an assistant manager. I refused because I hated my store manager.

37. My store manager told me that I had too many friends. Yes he called me back in his office to tell me that because I told a friend good morning when they came in. All while still doing my job. I told him he was jealous because he had no friends. (I was not fired for this lol)

38. I quite working for Walmart because my store manager was a jerk and he begged me to stay. I told him no.

39. I played basketball with all guys when I worked at Walmart.

40. I worked in a few different daycares after that.

41. I quit at the daycare to work at a job working with computers. I was so bored I quit there after 2 days and got my job back at the daycare. Yes I was making more money with the computer job but to me it was not worth it.

42. I HATE to shop!

43. When at home you can find me wearing my husband’s T-shirts.

44. I don’t wear makeup. I have a ton just never wear it.

45. I really don’t like wearing dresses or skirts.

46. I actually love wearing glasses. It is part of my personality.

47. I love to cook! My favorite thing to do is bake.

48. I hate cleaning. My house is a wreck most days.

49. That being said… My house is clean when I have people coming over. My husband always says he is going to have people come over every week. lol

50. I am super shy. I seem more outgoing online but really I am not.

If you made it this far I am really impressed and I must not be too boring....

51. I hate crowded places. So you will never see me shop on “Black Friday.”

52. I love Native Americans. I have a collection of Indian dolls.

53. I want to live in the country.

54. I want to go to Hawaii.

55. I cannot drive a stick shift.

56. I do not like to drive.

57. I can get lost even if I have a GPS.

58. That being said I hate driving the interstate but I do sometimes just because I know it is faster.

59. I have never gotten a speeding ticket.

60. I hit a deer one year on my birthday. So sad and scary.

61. I am a tightwad or so my husband says…Ok it is true.

62. I like to people watch where ever I go.

63. I love to help people.

64. I am a little scared of heights. It freaks me out to be up high but I kind of like the adrenaline rush I get from it.

65. I am bad at making a decision about what to do. As in where to eat, what movie to watch where to on a date etc.

66. I love the spring time.

67. I like all kinds of music except Opera.

68. My favorite actor is Liam Neeson.

69. My favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

70. I cannot watch scary movies any more since I had kids. They really freak me out.

71. I love Star Wars.

72. My favorite Disney Movie is The Jungle Book.

73. My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe.

74. My favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh.

75. I can roll my tongue so it makes 3 rolls. It looks kind of gross.

76. I can pinch with my toes. My hubby hates that and hates my kids can do it too.

77. I love playing board games.

78. If I could spend my day reading I would. I have to do it at night when my kids don’t need me because I really get into books. Poor kids would never be fed or taken care of. My hubby has teased me about throwing away my books when I get really into them.

79. I cannot fall asleep easy. It takes a good half hour to a hour to fall asleep at night.

80. I am very cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.

81. I have been known to kick my hubby or tell him I want to snuggle just to get him to flip over so I won’t hear him snore.

82. I love Halloween.

83. I really want to do a Zombie Walk.

84. I dislike the sun. I got sun poison twice when I was little.

85. I hate shoes. If I could go barefoot all the time I would.

86. I have never broken a bone that I know of. Maybe fractured but I was pregnant at the time so no x-rays could be done.

87. I have sprained my left ankle at least 5 times in my life. The last time is where we believe it could’ve been fractured cause of the loud cracking sound it made.

88. I am one of the biggest klutzes out there and my children take after me.

89. My biggest baby was my last and he weighed 11 lbs 13 ozs and was 22 ½ inches long. No I didn’t have gestational diabetes. Nor did I have a c-section. Yes I did have an epidural.

90. My water never broke with my first 3 kids. The doctor had to do it. When my water broke with my 4th I felt like a dummy calling the on call doctor. I was scheduled to be induced that morning at 7am but ended up there at 3:30am cause of my water breaking.

91. I had to have my wedding band cut off when I was pregnant with my first because my finger got too swollen. I learned my lesson and took it off when I got pregnant again.

92. I suffered with secondary infertility. I was close to having to use fertility meds with my second but I actually got preggo after having a HSG scan done. With my 3rd I was on clomid for 4 months.

93. With our 4th we actually got pregnant on the first try with no fertility meds.

94. All of my kids were planned. No surprises.

95. I always wanted 4 kids.

96. I got my first grey hair at 25 after having my second baby.

97. I go all out for my kids birthday parties. I think mainly cause I didn’t have any cool parties as a kid.

98. I like playing putt putt with my family.

99. I hate the news because it is so depressing

100. I love blogging!

If you read all of these thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me. So what do you think about my 100th post?


  1. Yay! Love reading this! I love Halloween and birthday parties too. And I hate the news and scary movies.

  2. This was such a great idea Terri I read every one.

    Remember to let me know when you get to Hawaii I have a brother who lives there (he's been there for 30+ years), went last summer for my nephews wedding, it is beautiful there!

    And I'm so totally with you on the barefoot thing!

  3. Thanks for stopping by over here Tracey!

  4. Thanks for reading it all Jen :)

    Aww That is awesome you got to go Jen. I really really want to go. It costs so much to fly there. We don't have any credit cards that have miles on them. I know that is how a lot of people get there. We will have to look into getting a card that has miles on it.

    Yes barefoot all the way. My kids are the same way about shoes.

  5. Sending love from exposure 99% hope to get some back. Join us Wednesday for our FB hop. Also, we would love to feature your blog on Mom Blog Society. http://www.momblogsociety.com/page/wednesday-facebook-blog-hop

  6. You did a great job sharing things about yourself! Interesting post. Take care and my best wishes to you and your family.

  7. Congrats on 100 posts!!!!
    Thank you for the follow too, I am now following back!

  8. Excellent 100th post. Sounds like we have a lot in common too! You should tell your husband to stop being mean and embrace your freckles! Hehe.

  9. Wow, we have SO much in common! Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent van Gogh, homeschooling, getting along better with guys than girls (though my Best friend is a girl), snoring hubby habits, hate to clean, don't hit like a girl... I could keep going! LOL And I'm MUCH more outgoing online than in person.
    Hi! New follower from Whimsical Wednesday blog hop! Please follow back. Thanks! :)

  10. Heather he does like my freckles but he also likes photo shop lol

  11. TigerEye2001 that is cool that we have so much in common. My best friend is a girl also :)


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