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Friday, September 23, 2011

Family Friday

Yes it is Friday!!! It is time for Family Friday!

Well as you can see by the pictures we recently went and played putt putt. We went Monday evening and there was only one other family there. It is always so nice to get out and do something with the kids. All of us love playing putt putt.

So I had a pretty awesome week. The kids did not complain about doing their homeschooling. No tears shed. (math has been hard for my daughter) The house got cleaned with no complaints and we had some friends over last night for dinner. What a great week!

So how was your week? What is something your family likes to do together?


  1. what a cute family! And I love that you are homeschooling!

  2. Family time is awesome
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  3. Really great pictures. My hubby and I love to take walks in the park or play with the doggies in the back yard.

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  5. Look at your adorable family! Looks like you had a great time. Amazing that you homeschool too, I always look up to the women that can do that. :)

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  6. Beautiful family and I am glad to see that people still play mini-gold I loved it 45 years ago, with my Dad, and 15 years ago with my boys.

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  7. Beautiful family!

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  8. I love love love your family photos. We had a great week too even though I spent mine sick. We love taco night here. We all participate in fixing them, it's a lot of fun because we all do it together. Having a movie night is lots of fun too.

  9. Isn't it great when the children doesn't complain about anything. I always wanted to try minature golf. I'll have to try it with the older kids. I'm not ready to try it with the 2 year old twins. I'll end up being the one complaining. lol
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