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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Brownie Mush

I am so sorry I haven't done Tasty Tuesday in weeks! I haven't had much time to make anything from scratch. I did make my husband a dessert other than a cake for his birthday. One reason is because my oven is broken. So here is what I call Brownie Mush because even though it is layered we mush it all together before we eat it :)

Brownie Mush

What you need:

Brownie cooked and crumbled (I had to cook mine in the toaster oven)
Pudding (I used Jello Temptations with mousse.)
Cool whip


Take half of the brownie and crumble it into a bottom of a large bowl. Next add some pudding or if you do the Temptations with mousse use all the pudding. Then add a layer of cool whip and another layer of brownie. If you are just doing pudding add pudding again. For this layer I added the mousse. Finally one more layer of cool whip.

My husband tried writing Happy Birthday with caramel syrup but it messed up. So we ended up with caramel also.


  1. This certainly looks yummy! Definitely something to enjoy on one's birthday! Have a good Tuesday.

  2. Yummy! looks delish! coming by and joining from Changing Diapers and Taking Names. come by and say hello :) http://www.thebrookiecookie.blogspot.com


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