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Friday, November 4, 2011

Family Friday

It's Friday! Time for Family Friday! Wow first can time slow down? We are already in November! So Halloween was interesting this year. My 2 year old decided he wanted nothing to do with dressing up. This is a first for us because all of our kids have loved dressing up. The kids were all supposed to be super heroes. My daughter was Spider Girl, my 5 year old son was Iron Man, my 2 year old was supposed to be Superman, and my baby was The Hulk. Unfortunately we did not get pictures of them. It was raining...(we will take pictures of them later and I will post those)

So I had to think of something to get my 2 year old to dress up. He has a blue camo superman shirt. It has the logo on it. I was racking my brain and then thought of my Trick or Treat Thursday post with the little boy dressed as Clark Kent. Yes! What a great idea right? I had him put on the shirt with the logo on it. Put on his church shirt and pants and added some of his dad's old glasses! Yes I did get a quick picture of him with my cell phone...

Some people thought he was Harry Potter. I told them he was Clark Kent. They all loved him. I will tell you this...my kids all went to the same house to get candy but this cutie pie ended up with a lot more candy! lol

Oh and while searching for this picture on my phone I did find one of the baby as The Hulk...

He would have nothing to do with the little hat that goes with this. I don't blame him though. It was a little tight on his head.

Here are a few random ones after we came back in and the kids changed out of their wet costumes...

Vampire boys...

Me as a rag doll
Kids sprayed with silly string. Funny story about this. My husband was supposed to buy me red hair spray for my costume. Well the silly string and hair spray were on the same rack and both had red tops. He grabbed the silly string. I always look at stuff before I use it and noticed he got the wrong thing. I went up to him and told him he failed with the hair spray. He was looking all confused when I held up the can and sprayed him with silly string. So later that night he decided to spray the kids. They have never seen silly string before. It was so funny cause they were grossed out at first. Ha! Gotta love it!


  1. I'd love it if you'd participate! http://angelasfavthings.blogspot.com/2011/11/30-days-of-thankfulness.html


  2. Looks like that little mistake turned into some unexpected fun.

    I love your little Clark Kent!

  3. The kids look like they're having some great fun Terri, and you're not looking so bad your self even without the red hair. Great pictures.

    I've started a new blog, hope you'll get a chance to come visit me!

  4. hahaha...love those Hulk muscles. Sounds like you guys had fun - even in the rain. That silly string is too funny! :)


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