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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Microwave Omelet Pan

Really I thought this was going to be very neat. I love to cook there are just some things that I am not good at cooking. One of those things is an omelet. My husband always cooks them for me. So while shopping the other day he found a microwave omelet pan.

It is just a plastic container that you place in the microwave to cook an omelet. The thought was nice. I was happy that my husband bought this because I thought it was going to be simple to use. Looked easy enough. Unfortunately I never got to use it.

I went to open the container and fold it back up to see how it worked. Well it got stuck open. I couldn't get it to shut with out breaking it apart from the hinges. I had to work hard at getting it back together after it broke apart. I am not very willing to use a product if it just falls apart before I can use it. This was a product that we bought ourselves so I was not going to try to use it. We are going to go get our money back on this.

So if you like omelets I think sticking to the "old fashion" way is a better idea. I will wait for my husband to cook me an omelet or just make myself scrambled eggs with cheese.

So have you ever found a product like this that does work for making omelets? Maybe it was just the brand of this one. Maybe there are others out there that do work. Let me know your experience.

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