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Friday, February 19, 2010

Beech Nut baby food coupons

I have always bought Beech Nut brand baby food for my kiddos. So I signed up to get some coupons in the mail about 2 months ago or more. Yeah they were a little slow getting me the coupons and guess what now my son hates baby food! I guess that is normal for an almost 11 month old.

So if you would like the coupons leave me a comment and I will choose a random person. If you like feel free to follow my blog. I'll add another chance for you to win if you follow me. One coupon is for a free cereal up to $2.00 in value. The other is for any 2 jars of baby foods free up to $1.50 in value. Both expire June 30, 2011.

I will let this go until Sunday then send the coupons out on Monday. Please be willing to leave your email so I can let you know if you get them.

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  1. DD is going to start solids next month and I love Beech nut! I'm following your blog too.



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