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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sticky Monkey Label Review

Are you looking for a way to help you organize your home or keep track of your kids personal belongings? Are you someone who loves labels? If so you should check out Sticky Monkey Labels.

Who and what are Sticky Monkey Labels?

Sticky Monkey Labels is a sister team who like all moms were in desperate need of a way to keep track of their children's belongings. So they came up with Sticky Monkey Labels as a cute, fun and effect way to label their children's belongings.

Sticky Monkey Labels are are cost effective, waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, laundry safe, and weather resistant. And don’t forget they are super-cute!

So being a mom of 4 children you can imagine my excitement to have a chance to review these labels. I received complimentary samples of a few different labels to review and I also let my children pick out what they wanted for their labels.

My kids are famous for taking over things. The labels not only had their names on them but also cute little designs. So needless to say I did loose a few labels. One of the really cute ones that were lost were the shoe labels. I hope that they turn up soon.

The shoe labels are great! I really hope to find them so they can be placed in my kids shoes. When you go into a play area where the kids have to take off their shoes this would be the perfect labeling system. If there are shoes that are exactly alike all your child has to do is look in the shoe and see if it is theirs or not. The above photo is taken from the website and this label is for older kids. These you can get 12 labels which will do 6 pairs of shoes for $6 here. All you have to do with these labels are stick them in the shoe towards inner heal of the shoe and cover the label with the clear protective overlay so it lasts longer.

These labels for the shoes are for those children that are learning their left from their right foot. They are called Shoe Helper Labels. This image is also taken from the website. As you can see there is a "L" for left and "R" for right. What a great way for kids to learn their left from right. Also they won't be confused if they look down at their feet and see which sticker matched their foot. These are also 12 labels or 6 pair for $6 and can be found here.

Last in the shoe category is the Baby & Toddler Shoe Labels. The above image was taken from the website. As you can see above these labels are cute little ducks and have 3 colors available, blue pink and yellow. These come in packs of 16 labels or 8 pair which can be purchased for $10 here.

Now lets look at some other labels.

There are the Standard Labels that are perfect for labeling things for school such as notebooks, lunch bags, books and more. I decided to use them to label my shelf where I keep my kids homeschooling books. That way I would know where there books were without having to look at the book and see who's it was. I now can tell if it is for my son or for my daughter. The Standard Labels are 20 labels for $14 and can be purchased here.

The Mini Labels can be use for many things as well and my favorite use was sticking them on my sons dresser. My two youngest children use the same dresser and my daughter is always wanting to pick out their clothes. She had no clue what drawer had what clothes until I used the Mini Labels on the handle of the drawer. Now even my husband can go and get clothes for the younger two with out being confused. You can get these labels for $14 for 36 labels here.

Last I want to talk about the Round Small Labels as picture above on a sippy cup. Now how many of you end up around another child besides your own that has the same exact sippy cup as your child. I have been there so many times it is crazy. Now there is a solution for that. The Round Small Labels are perfect for a sippy cup. It is also dishwasher proof. I have put this one through the dishwasher a few times and I am impressed that nothing happened to it. You can get a set of 48 labels for $15 here.

So if you are looking for a way to labels your children's things so they don't get mixed up then you should check out Sticky Monkey Labels. Not only am I happy with the labels but my kids are too.

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*Note I was not paid for my review. This is my honest opinion of the product above.


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