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Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am pretty sure you guys hate to take your kids to the doctor over the weekend like I do. No one is ever open and you usually have to take them to the ER or another Urgent Care place that knows nothing about children. It is never a fun thing to take sick children to the doctor.

Well that has all changed. It is fun to take your sick kids to the doctor! I am sure you are thinking "Are you nuts!" Maybe I am but for kids it has become fun in our area. Some doctors from our local hospital decided to open up a place called KidMed.

It is open later during the week from 3pm to 11 pm and on the weekends from 12 noon to 10pm. So why do I say it is fun? Well when you first get in there they have a tv in the waiting area and a silly mirror. The mirror makes you look funny. My daughter loved it. Also on top of the nice waiting area the staff is awesome and sugary sweet. After you get into the room to wait for the doctor there is a tv in the room. The nurse even asked my daughter what she wanted to watch! Why haven't doctors around here thought of this a long time ago? Kids get so bored waiting for the doctor.

The nurse and the doctor both spoke to my daughter first. Asking her questions on how she is feeling. Then they asked me a few questions. I hate when the doctor asks me all the questions because I turn right to my daughter to just ask her. She is old enough to tell you how she feels herself.

So after they decide to run a test on her to find out what is wrong. The nurse asked her if she wanted a popsicle. She even told my daughter to pick out the color. My daughter was super excited to get a popsicle. After the appointment she got a sticker which is all she normally gets after her normal doctor visits.

So am I the last person around who knew nothing about this? Do you guys have one in your area?


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  2. How cool is that place? I wish they had one here. What a great idea!

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