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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hayseed's First Race Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity to review a complimentary children’s book from Caballo Press called “Hayseed’s First Race” written and illustrated by Sally Schrock. She has written this book to get the message out to always love yourself and never let anyone tell you that you don’t belong. Sally has not let hearing loss stand in the way of creating a wonderful children's book. Hayseed's different, like me. I'm deaf, that means that I can't hear. I talk with my hands. One of the ways I use them to talk is to write and draw stories about Hayseed.” (Quoted from, Sally Schrock on the Caballo Press website.)

Hayseed may be different like Sally but that doesn’t mean he can’t do what others do. Hayseed is getting ready for his first big race against other racing horses including Prince Perfect. No one thinks that Hayseed can win the race. Even Prince Perfect makes fun of Hayseed telling him that he doesn’t belong. Hayseed remembers what his mother has told him and that helps him to do his best in the race. Will Hayseed win the race? It comes down to a photo finish but I am not going to spoil the end for you. I will tell you that your children will cheer on Hayseed as he runs the race. I had to read the book over as soon as I finished the last word of the book. My almost 4 year old son yelled out “Go Hayseed!” while we read it again and still does each time we read it.

This book is very meaningful to our family because we personally know a little boy who is different. He is like Hayseed and his mother has taught him the same thing as Hayseed’s mother. It doesn’t matter if you are different you can do anything that others can do. This book brings that message loud and clear to children. Not only do children need to know that it is ok to be different but they need to know that it is ok for other people to be different as well. We have taught our children that from the beginning of their lives. This book is perfect for helping teach that to children of all ages. While it is a book written mostly for a younger audience we can all take a message away from it.

I am excited to be able to giveaway a copy of Hayseed’s First Race to a lucky blog follower before it hits the shelves in stores. All you have to do is enter below for a chance to win. For those of you who would like to preorder a book go here. Also go to Hayseed’s website and have your kids join Hayseed’s Posse and do fun activities with them.

So this time I am going to change it up a little for this giveaway. I want you to include in your comment the answer to this question....

What do you do to help your kids know that it is ok to be different?

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*I received this book for free for review purposes only. I did not get paid for this review and this is my honest opinion about the book.


  1. This sounds like such a great book with a great message.
    I always tell my children that God created every single one of us in a unique way, that we are all individuals, unique beings. Our strenghts and weaknesses are different, according to the things we are supposed to learn in this life. So, they do know that some people come looking different than them, or behaving in an unusual manner, and so forth. Still, they also know that no matter how strange some other people may seem, they should never judge them just because of the way they look or act (there is a story behind everything).

  2. Awesome review, Terri. Sounds like this will be great kids series. I just became a fan of your blog on facebook and tweeted out about the giveaway. I'm going to add a post to my blog too. :) Can you tell I want to win???? Are you getting these from Book Sneeze? I would love, love, love to get some free children's books to review.

  3. This book I did not get from Book Sneeze. I got it from Caballo Press. Book Sneeze is a place where you can get free books to review. I contacted Caballo Press myself through an email that I received. I hope to work with Caballo further.

  4. oops! Got so excited about the giveaway I forgot to answer the question. :) With my kiddos, we talk about how everyone has different things that they like or are good at doing. We all have different strengths and talents. We all talk about how it's important that we respect and are nice to others even if they are different from us and that we can learn a lot from each other.

  5. It's ok Kelli I know how excited you were! :)


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