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Monday, December 5, 2011

We believe...do you?

We believe...do you? Do you do Santa? We went to go visit Santa today at the mall. My youngest was not thrilled with Santa. He didn't want to be near him. We did get pictures of all 4 of them. Although the youngest two are not smiling at all. 2 out 4 isn't bad right?

This year we also decided to start a new family tradition. Have you heard of The Elf on the Shelf? I just found out about it this year. I started looking into it and found out it was kind of pricey. So I searched on Amazon to see if I could find something else. I found Christopher Pop-In-Kin. It is the same thing as The Elf on the Shelf but I think he is much cuter. We just got Christopher in the mail today. We worked it out so we visited Santa and had him tell the kids that he already left a special gift on the porch. It was so awesome that he did this for us. So we came home and found the gift bag with a note on it. The bag was open and only a book was inside. The kids were so confused until we read the book. They looked around and found Christopher on the mantel of our fire place. All night they talked to him and tried to get him to move. It was so cute.

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  1. He is cuter! Sorry, Elf on a Shelf. My mom actually sent us one that arrived today. It's a cute idea, but I'm not sure my kids are buying into it. They are all about Santa though...maybe once we read the book and the elf starts hiding around the house...we'll see!

    ps - I still need to call you back! It's been nutty around here.


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