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Friday, January 15, 2010

Jersey Sheets

So I decided we needed some new sheets for our bed. My mother in law got my husband some nice sheets. She thought she was getting purple ones (his favorite color). Let me tell you those sheets were not even close to being purple they were pink! I hate the color pink! I decided to put them on our bed and give it a try. The sheets were very nice and silky feeling, unfortunately neither one of us could get over how bright pink the sheets were. They will be used however by my daughter who loves pink.

So I went to Target the other day to try and find some new sheets. I am very picky about my sheets. They need to feel good and be a color other than pink. I was looking through the different counts and feeling each one. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best. I looked at the flannel ones that were on sale. We already had some flannel ones. I knew I wanted something different. So I came across some that were called Jersey. I felt them and fell in love. 100% cotton! I love cotton!

So we of course put the sheets on our bed and got rid of those hideous pink sheets. Now our sheets are gray and a lot more neutral for us. As soon as we laid down on them we were in heaven!

So have any of you ever tried Jersey sheets? If not I think you should give them a try! They were only $19.99 at Target for the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases.


  1. No pink for Terri! No way! haha! I've always wanted to try Jersey sheets. That's a good price too.

  2. Let me tell you Kelli it is so worth it! Yes the price is good. Also it is so comfortable. Chris has really enjoyed the sheets too. It is like sleeping on a cloud it is so soft and we fall asleep so easy. That is a hard thing for me to do.

  3. That sounds nice and comfy! And don't worry, as much as I like pink, even I wouldn't get bright pink sheets!:)
    I like your new blog, by the way.:)

  4. Thanks Ioana! The sheets were supposed to be purple or so Chris's mom thought! Would you like to follow me on here? Just click the button that says follow me.


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