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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Denise Austin

Looking for a work out video this new year? Try Denise Austin's Hit The Spot Core Complete. Denise is such a perky and fun person to "work out" with. It is fun listening to her little comments such as "zip up those abs, no more jigglies, and no more saddle bags." I don't know if those are just funny words to me or she just says them so darn cute!

All you need for this work out is an exercise ball, light weights, and of course the video. The videos can be found at her online store for about $8.99. (I got mine at my local Walmart ) Also the ball and weights can be found at Walmart. This video works out your core, legs, butt, thighs, arm and more. It includes: Warm-Up, Core & Upper Body, Core & Legs, Core & Buns, and Core Complete Challenge. It is about 68 minutes total.

I suggest to start off with just a few workouts then work your way up to doing all 5 workouts. I just started out again so I only did three workouts. You should always start out with the warm up but you can switch around the other workouts till you feel you can work your way up to doing all of them.

So your turn what are your favorite work out videos?

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